Katimavik a tout changer pour moi, ce programme m'as permis de sortir de ma coquille, j'ai surmonté plusieurs défi qui m'ont fait grandir, j'ai rencontré plein de gens merveilleux et cela ma permis de connaitre mieux mon pays. Avant je ne parlais pas un mot anglais et maintenant oui. Je conseille ce programme a tous les jeunes d'aujourd'hui et même si le programme n'est plus, j'en parle pareil car c'est une experience à vie :)
Frederique Leduc Manitoba, Ontario, Terre-neuve
Katimavik National Youth service programs are essential to youth, communities and Canada because... Here is how Katimavik had a profound impact on (me, my organization, my community)... When our group started in Katimavik in 1980 we went to formation camp and had no idea who each other were or what to expect. After formation camp we were already one team - one group of friends working together but were split into our three groups. We put in long hard days working together . The work we did in the communities not only helped them but helped me learn new skills and be a help to the community.
Willa Cameron-Laferty
Katimavik National Youth service programs are essential to youth, communities and Canada because... Here is how Katimavik had a profound impact on (me, my organization, my community)... I have a farm near Magnetawan Ontario and I was lucky enough to billet several young people through the Katimavik program. Me and my family had the opportunity to meet these young folks from all parts of our great country: B.C. Alberta, Quebec, and we all benefitted from the experience. While they were in our area they volunteered and enriched the village immensely where their house was. I was sorry when they gave up that house and we no longer were billeting these kids any more.
Patti Paul South River, Ontario
Katimavik a été pour moi une belle expérience et m'a permis d'apprendre ma langue seconde qui es l'anglais, j'ai pu travailler sur ma compétence de leadership ainsi qu'à être plus autonome, j'ai travailler dans des places que je n'aurais pas pu faire dans ma communauté actuelle car j'étais très gênée, j'ai pu aussi avoir une meilleure confiance en moi. J'ai appris aussi à parler en anglais, ce que je faisais très rarement à l'école et chez moi car tout était en français, j'ai pu aussi apprendre à lire et écrire l'anglais avec mes nouveaux amis katimavik et j'en suis très reconnaissante.
Jade Ouellet Drayton Valley AB, Orangeville On, Chéticamp NS
Coming from Florida, I never realized just how interesting it would be to go into the heart of the Rocky Mountains in January. Trust me, it was tough. I once even announced to my Katima-family that I had chosen to leave the program. Thank God I stayed. I never would have been blessed with meeting such influential people, or gone dog sledding, or learned how to cook totally vegan. I never would have reached (an uncanny) level of comfort with twelve people I shared my days with. They literally brightened my life, every day. I also never would have been so proud to say that I was Canadian, for I never had the opportunity to explore it and truly see all of its brilliant character.
Kali Gough Canmore, AB
Katimavik has changed my life in more ways than I can express through one testimonial. The Katimavik program changes peoples lives and it surely changed mine. I signed up for this program to meet new people, discover Canada and to learn. For Katimavik I moved to Canmore, Alberta and was challenged to volunteer doing something I had no experience in. When the time came to go home the job I volunteered in was a career possibility for me. The 6 months I spent in Katimavik have changed my life in the best way possible and I will be forever grateful for the experience. I feel deep sadness for those communities that Katimavik will not be helping this year, after seeing the difference it makes.
Angela Bogren Canmore, Alberta
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Ce programme m’as permis de me découvrir moi-même, d’apprendre à plus me connaître, de forger ma personnalité et de savoir qui je suis dans un monde où tout vas trop vite, où les gens ne prennent plus le temps d’apprécier, de voir ce qui les entourent, de profiter des petites choses de la vie. Avec mon groupe, j'ai appris comment le bénévolat peut aider une personne ou une communauté entière. Les liens que j'ai avec mon groupe sont si forts que la plupart des gens qui n'ont pas fait le programme ne peuvent pas comprendre. Katimavik m'a ouvert les yeux sur le monde, m'a donné une visibilité que je n'avait pas avant, m'a poussé à me dépasser pour atteindre mes buts. Katimavik ne peut pas disparaître.
Catherine Paquet Castlegar, Rimouski
Katimavik National Youth service programs are essential to youth, communities and Canada unity because it empowers the youth across the country by bringing west (English) together with the east (French); learning, developing and playing together. Which is an incredible opportunity to teach the youth about the different parts of the country, while learning tolerance for different communities. Here is how Katimavik had a profound impact on me as a parent. Two of my three children have done this program. The third will not be able to because the program has been shut down. Which is a huge loss to our family and other families across this vast country.
Carol Morin
Katimavik-A letter Without you I would have never heard of the Massey Lectures early enough. I would have never seen Wade Davis speak about the Wayfinders and be exposed, for the first time, to someone who spoke and wrote about things my heart felt but hadn’t the words to say. Like music being a constant, surrounding us all the time, the instrument is the tool which delivers it to the masses. Knowledge is the same. Out there: a constant. Wade Davis was the instrument for me. That night at the kickoff of the 2009 Massey Lectures in Yellowknife, I was brought knowledge which I would have never been exposed to. I was re-affirmed at that moment. Thank-you Katimavik. Without you I would have never had the chance to organize a community Thanks-Giving dinner.
Meagan Zunti Yellowknife NWT, Terrace Bay ON, Montreal QU
To see such an amazing program discontinue really does bring disappointment to me. There is no other program I can find like this one, and to see the kind of impact it does for myself and a community is really huge. Being in the program has gotten me to discover more about myself and communities in Canada that I have never heard of before. I got involved with so many things I could not imagine myself doing before Katimavik. I really hope that this program will come back. Katimavik will forever be apart of me and I can never imagine my life without it. Thanks KATIMAVIK for such an awesome experience!
Chantel Ceralde Newmarket, ON / Richibucto, NB