Did you know...

For over 35 years, Katimavik has enabled more than 35,000 young Canadians to become actively involved in volunteering, for the benefit of their communities. Their time represents over 30 million volunteer hours, which is equivalent to:

- a person working 24/7 for 3360 years;

- all staff working for the Quebec government working for 7 days straght;

- $ 189.6 million in savings for Canada

26 May 2015

Cassandra is recruiting volunteers for the Warrior Dash event which will be held in the Horseshoe Valley (ON), near Barrie Ontario on July 18-19 2015. Monetary donations are applicable with ten or more volunteers commit to a shift, four shift times are available. Donation amount depends on participation, ranging from $200-$1,000 per shift. Hope is to engage youth, alumni and supporters at the event weekend although additional positions to coordinate volunteers are available.

Those who want to volunteer at or for the event can get further information on the Facebook page.


7 May 2015

Many of you have been asking about the Spring-Summer cohort. Unfortunately, we are still waiting for word regarding our financing from the Secrétariat à la Jeunesse du Québec. We are therefore postponing the next cohort, if all goes well, until this coming Autumn.Thank you for your continued following of Eco-Stage on our Facebook page.   

23 Feb 2015

Were you wondering where we had gone in the last few days? We have moved to a new loft in the St-Henri district in Montreal. Don't worry, our Alumni are part of our decor!

New address:
1001 Lenoir St., Suite A-313
Montreal (Quebec) H4C 2Z6

You are welcome to visit us anytime!