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For over 35 years, Katimavik has enabled more than 35,000 young Canadians to become actively involved in volunteering, for the benefit of their communities. Their time represents over 30 million volunteer hours, which is equivalent to:

- a person working 24/7 for 3360 years;

- all staff working for the Quebec government working for 7 days straght;

- $ 189.6 million in savings for Canada

19 Jun 2014

Katimavik is launching its first major fundraising campaign with DRUIDE, a manufacturer of certified organic cosmetics. Since the federal government ended its funding commitment, back in 2012, Katimavik has been active in developing new programs and financial partnerships. The objective of this first fundraising campaign is to raise $ 30,000 to allow more youth to participate in the program, as well as meeting the needs of communities.

2 Jun 2014

Alumna Cassandra Freeman is organizing a fundraiser for Katimavik.

Cassandra is recruiting volunteers for the Warrior Dash race which will be held in the Horseshoe Valley (ON) on July 19-20. In exchange for sending over 30 volunteers to help out during the event, the Warrior Dash will donate 1,000$ to Katimavik. The donation will be dedicated to work towards the sustainability of our program in Ontario.

Those who want to volunteer at the event can get further information on the Facebook page.

15 May 2014

Our 20 eco-volunteers started their 3-month program this week. They will be active in 4 different regions of Quebec: Montreal, Quebec City, Bas-St-Laurent and Eastern Townships. The youth will be working around 30 hours per week as a volunteer in an organisation ; they can be involved in either the field of biodiversity, nutrition and agriculture, water, waste management or urban development.

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